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Aspiring Authors

Guidelines for submission


Thank you for considering Struik Christian Media as your publisher. We require aspiring authors to submit a book proposal to us prior to submitting a complete manuscript.


In order to guide you through the book proposal process, we have prepared a few guidelines showing what information we need from you to assist us in determining if your book proposal is in line with our publishing strategy.


A comprehensive book proposal consists of the following elements:


  • An introduction in which you share your motivation, purpose and reason for embarking on this project. What would you like to achieve by having your work published?
  • An outline of the contents of the book. This should be in the form of a list of chapter titles. You may like to include under each section title a few lines about that section’s contents or a list of main headings or key issues.
  • A sample chapter.
  • A description of the potential market. Be as specific as possible.
  • Your estimate of the size of the market.
  • Where you envisage the end-user will purchase your book (please be specific in listing the sales channels and stores).
  • An ideal price for your book.
  • Your view of the existing market. List books already published on your topic and how your book will differ/stand out from the competition.
  • A description of your background (or CV) and doctrinal affiliation (the basic principles of what you believe). It is usually helpful to know where you worship/fellowship.


How the publishing decision is made


  • Book proposals are thoroughly reviewed and if it is clear that your proposal satisfies SCM’s requirements, current market trends, fits in with the company’s strategy and current publishing schedule, we will require a complete manuscript to be delivered to us.
  • If appropriate, we research the market segment and look at possible competitors, including the ones you have mentioned.
  • A decision is made on the evaluation of the proposal, the size of the market and whether or not the book is viable at a competitive price.
  • The decision-making process can take up to three months.


Please note:


  • No concept will be considered unless a concept proposal has been submitted electronically.
  • We do not accept manuscripts prior to receiving a comprehensive book proposal.
  • We often choose not to pursue projects, even where the work is of a high standard, simply because our publication programme is set for the next period, or because the work does not fit in with our publishing strategy (the work falls outside of the categories we are focusing on at any given time).
  • SCM cannot take responsibility for material that is lost in the post. We also do not send back any rejected material.
  • We do not meet with aspiring authors unless the book proposal has been accepted and a publishing agreement has been signed.
  • The publisher’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the decision.
  • We are unfortunately not able to consult on improving a manuscript, how to edit the text or improving your writing skills, due to the volume of submissions we receive.


You can mail your book proposal to


We look forward to hearing from you.