FEATHERED BONE by Julie Cantrell January 30, 2015 – Posted in: Blog, Review

Just finished reading this title.  I enjoy this author as her other titles WHEN MOUNTAINS MOVE and INTO THE FREE – were amazing.

She has not disappointed – even though at  times it was hard to read, I never knew what the next page would reveal – it was real!

FEATHERED BONE Tackles many  issues of abuse in our world:

-Woman and men who endure emotional and or physical abuse for the sake of keeping a marriage/family together, or because they are too afraid/ too in danger to escape safely or because the abuse is all they know of love.  Or they believe they deserve.

-The abused and /or trafficked people.  You never know who has endured such unjust cruelties in their lives.  They are strong and many of them believed they survived because of their faith in God.  The book covers teenage depression and suicide and the unbearable grief navigating horrific traumas like this.

To you the author asks:  what good is it to have feathers if you don’t fly? You are worthy of being loved. You are worthy of being free. 

The books talks about a documentary film in 2006, THE BRIDGE, which was written by Tad Friend and explores the Golden Gate suicides.  The author further tells the story of a suicidal man in front of Walmart who wanted one person to smile at him . The author encourages us to be that person – the one who smiles. 

All of these experiences combined to form a novel about the many forms of slavery and all the ways our souls can become trapped in dark places.

The feathered Bone is written for every person who has ever felt alone, unloved, unsafe, or unvalued. It is written to remind us all that we are loved, we have worth, and we are never alone.